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Confira a Letra You & I

Sandy Molling

You & I

This is not an ordinary moment
This is my confession
Did you know how much i longed to have your love
Close to an obsession

Allt those nights, out of sleep
Tossing, turning for hours, oh
All´cause of you
Now my drams, come alive
Suddenly you know my secrets, oh
I´m looking at you

I, think avout you
Every second, all the time
Cant believe that you are mine
You, make me feel so
Very special, warm inside
Let tonight be you & i
You & i

We can be a perfect combination
I´m so glad i´ve found you
Couldnt live a better situation than this cause love is all around us
Is this real, is this true
I´ve benn kissed by an angel, oh
That angel is you
Now i´m here, by your side
I can almost touch the heavens above
When looking at you


Live every day
As if it was my last so come
Along with me
Be close to me
I am so amazed, by happiness
Never knew how love could
Be so real
You´re making me feel

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