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Confira a Letra Holy Lord-Carry On

Sandy Patti

Holy Lord-Carry On

Holy Lord-Carry On :
Holy Lord, You are the life in me
Your love is all I need, forever
Holy Lord, You are the life in me
Your love is all I need
You are my God and King
You are forever holy

God of boundless universe
Lord who shaped me from my birth
You are there, You are there
In the glory of the stars
Vast cathedral of my heart
You are there, You are there

I'm never left on my own
Carried in the arms of Your power
I go on
'Til the night becomes the dawn

Your love is life to me
You are my destiny
Carry on, carry on
O God of awesome might
You draw me to Your light
Carry on, carry on, carry on
My life is in Your hands
Carry on

God who rules the sky and sea
Calms the storms that rage in me
Carry on, carry on
Lord of Heaven, Lord of Earth
Lord who gives me sense of worth
Carry on, carry on

No greater King ever known
Passion was the crimson
And stain of Your robe
And I will bow before Your throne