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Confira a Letra Bleed

Sara Nunes


Would u love me when I'm down?
When my lips r in a frown?
When I need some space 2 breath?
Would u let me bleed?

Would u hold me when I'm drunk?
When I'm all passed out and skunked?
When I act just like a bitch?
Would u be pissed?

I will bleed 4 u

Would u hold me when I'm grey?
When all u want is to get laid?
When my monthly friend is late?
Would u wait?

I will bleed 4 u

I used to be afraid 2 trust
I got so tight I thought I'd bust
And when my hope ran dry
There u were 2 hold me up again

Would u tell me how u feel?
When my skin begins 2 peel?
When my brain is dead and gone?
Just like this song

I will bleed 4 u