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Confira a Letra The Taco Song

Sara Nunes

The Taco Song

I know this girl
She's a fat vegetarian
She acts so hip
She's a tough talking lesbian
She don't eat meat
But she'll suck all
The tacos in town
She's at the border
And her tongue
Is going round and round

Oh yeah UR everything
And what u want it's everywhere
Everyone is watching u
U know there's nothing to do
Let's hang out over in taco hell (taco)
Baby why does UR taco smell so bad?

Break it
U know this girl
She gets drunk almost everyday
She smokes so much that her house
Is always permanent gray
She'll write a check
"Dumb idea" the judge says 2 years long
She's in a funk
Yeah she funks to a funky song

Everyone (everyone)
Everybody knows it
Everyone (everyone)
Everyone (u know, u know)
Everyone, watching u
Judging u, telling u what to do

They're so amused, they're so confused
I know, I know they call u a fag
"Cause they're scared and they're mad
And they grew up in a small town
With dicks the size of peanuts