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Confira a Letra Britney's Still A Virgin

Sara Nunes

Britney's Still A Virgin

Everytime she sings
She gets richer
A halo and 2 wings
They'll pull her down
An angel with a sting
Inside her veins
It's the price of fame

In Africa kids die
'Cause no one's listening
In the video she cries
Her tits r glistening
An audience of sheep
They're mesmerized
Until they're blind

Britney, UR still a virgin

A mansion in LA
Where she can hide
Oblivious 2 pain
She swims inside
A girl who was abused
Becomes a whore
She could've been more

Britney, UR still a virgin

Another baby with HIV
She just sleeps
In her limousine
Cause she's Britney

UR still a virgin

Britney, UR still a virgin