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Confira a Letra Go Ahead

Sarah Blackwood

Go Ahead

I've looked deep in to hell
Watched all the demons sit back and laugh while i fell
Oh, and i ain't going back
They say love can conquer it all
So where was that army to fight when our hearts hit a wall
Oh, and it won't bring you back

So go ahead and break another girl's heart
Cause darlin', i move faster when i'm outta love
We're all sinking anyway
We're all sinking

I've been broken and torn
I've walked the line and crossed out all reason before
Oh, and i ain't going back
We've all got secrets to hide
Just keep playing the part to it's easy to sit back and smile
Oh, but it won't bring you back

Now i see clear in the dark
The scars that hold on me will take me right back to the start
Oh, but it won't bring you back