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Confira a Letra Resurrected for Bloodshed


Resurrected for Bloodshed

Demigods serve as kings
The unblossomed mankind coveted
Kingdoms of a thousand years
Entangled in the bitter end
Unspeakable end
By our hands delivered
The forsaken land of two narrows
Whore of resurrections
Sacred pleasures
Immortal-From the dead
The return of sacred seed
Bathed in the stench of false promises
A gift of lord Enki
Of bloodless veins -Of a womb not born
Impure offspring crowned as kings
Majesty unclean

The tombs of faces gazes east
Wounds gaped of flowing earth
Darkened heavens on the plain of chariots
The thrones without rival crumble

Envenoming of all things sacred
Blessings of everlasting journeys
The gods assemble the flesh
Chamber of recrement resurrects the dead
Blood will flow with the arrival of kings
Resurrected for war

Spares none with the brilliance of seven suns
Warriors of bloodshed cast down
Vehemence over lower worlds
Insurrection -Of the fallen sinning cities

Sumer - The poisonous nebula swarms
Galzu decreed bloodshed will flow
Resurrected for bloodshed