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Confira a Letra Well Of Damnation

Sarcoma Inc

Well Of Damnation

See yourself from within
Locked inside a mental coffin
There is no way out of this dream
A lucid hell begin
Ultimate schizophrenic nightmares
Imprisoned by the grave
In the mind's cemetary
Slowly drowning in blackes soil

In your dream the pain is real
The torment of suffocation you feel
Join the horror, dwell with the dead
An implantation of lunacy infests your head
Cursed to perdition in a well of damnation
A perennial void as a living schiziod

You are awake within a spell
Kissing and licking the rotten flesh
Stranded on a surface of hell
Existence fading into ashes
As the vortex of fire is burning
Consuming souls as decayed sculptures
You dron in the black hole to perpetual agony