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Confira a Letra A Lonely Passage


A Lonely Passage

Stumbling through narrow paths
Afraid of what will come next
As the darkness closes in
I start to run
What have I done to deserve this
Neverending hunt?
I will never be able to return home
My existence is shattered

As I stop to gasp for air, I wonder
Wonder when my final call might come
And if it's really worth escaping from
I'm so tired

Between trees and stones
On stale paths, beneath my reality
It's like I lost the key to my mind
I can no longer control myself
No more running!
I will fight my demons right here

Dear child, through horrors
And fright you will fade
Fade to distant worlds
And distant lives
As you lose your suffering
There's nothing more to believe in
Your belief to this day has been life
Now my belief will fill
Your soul with death

I no longer run
I stand my ground and wait

I wait

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