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Confira a Letra Lowlife



I know you're not ready to live
Are you ready to die
Under your skin under your skin under skin
Is a regular guy

You lost your hold
You didn't know
This is a low

Everything that was important to me
Didn't matter to you
And you didn't try didn't try to get in bed with me
When I turn my back you were with someone new

You lost your soul
You didn't know
This is a low, this is a low

This is low this is low life
A world where people walk by night
So by day an average man
But night time brings the creature from the can
Sometimes you scream out loud
But there's always safety from the crowd
You're not alone you're not alone you know

This is a low, this is a low, this is a lonely time a lonely time

Its like my skin, turned inside out
And there's no silver here in this cloud
It's like a love that's turning sour
Its letting go
This is a low

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