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Confira a Letra Queen Of Insanity


Queen Of Insanity

Innocent and genius, pretty as an angel
Dominant and mighty, queen of insanity
Your lies are turning into your own essence, your truth
Locked inside your psychotic mind
Screaming your empty heart out
Sweetness of a lost past searching in the darkness
Scratching those who dare get close to you
They say they're trying to love but they only spill dirt in your path
And you try to pass, finding a way out
To fly and escape

Run away
Take all your demons with you as you leave
Leave me to rest in the quiet, and leave me to breathe
Go and leave me with peace
As you run away

Day after day
Poisoned by your own anger
You ignore
Believing that they all hate you
They don't get you
When they come close
Trapped in a fortified delusion
You take your crown and run away
Take all your demons with you as you leave

The sweetness of your past is now a longing melody
Crying deep inside, begging for you to sing
A pure voice of an angel innocent yet mighty
Hidden right beneath
Your crown of insanity

Deep inside your broken heart you know the melody
Screaming out your name, begging for you to grow
When you will sing it, your halo will show
And your majesty, can't you see your soul will
Shine and fly, how can you dare run away

Take all your demons with you as you leave