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Confira a Letra Conform Deform

Scarlet Kill

Conform Deform

These days you wanna mix it up
Willing to change anything you’ve got
You’ll dye your hair; you’ll change your style
Just to make the ones around you smile

Now that you’re away from the crowd
Open your eyes and look around
Don’t you see that all of us are uniquely normal?

Nobody wants to be the same
Everybody join the damn con game
How do we know who we are-
When we’re wrapped in everything we aren’t?

So poke your head above the crowd
Everybody listen to the sound
When all the boys and girls ask
Who am I?

When you try to be someone you’re not
And the person you were yesterday’s forgot
Now you’re in too deep and you’ve lost the key
To the box that holds your identity

Tomorrow when you wake
It’ll be a different day
Can’t wait to be reborn
Tomorrow you’ll be gone

How can you try to break scene
When you look like everyone between?
It’s not the fact that you’re the same
But the way you always like to change

So if you feel you’re fitting in
Next minute you’re changing your skin
But how can you rebel when that’s what everyone is doing?