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Confira a Letra Solitute

Scars Souls


I am drowned
Inside a lake
Of poor
Sad tears
Regretting years
Non faced fears
All by my own…
And inside me lies
A pain so weak yet strong
I can't deny
The fact that I
Was too blame
For the loss
Of my own life
And maybe yours
Where are we now
I cannot seem to find the time
I'm lost I'm wrong
I feel so insecure
All by my own
I cry at night
A desperate cry
I'm paralyzed
The shadows all surrounding me
No sound no life
The street at night
I need to hide
Oh, what the hell where can I run or do?
I need sometime

I need a clue
I search right now
Where to start where to go?
I need some answer
I need someone now
Won't hear me out?

I have the road
And there's a light
On the ground
It's blinking weak
But I can see
I followed it
And I found there

In here
For my surprise
A leading kind
Living in fear