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Confira a Letra Truly Madly Deeply

Scott Clifton

Truly Madly Deeply

We've been down before, around before
The second heart had caven in
Scared of broken hope, the horoscope
Saying you could never love again
One time it's you, two times it's me
Three times and it feels like it's over, and
A silver lining never stays
It doesn't happen that way
And I feel like I'm free falling
Is it real, it doesn't change,
It doesn't stay the same

I've waited for you so long
I've waited for everything about you
I can't ignore your hand on the door
You're hand's leaving
And it's taking nothing with you
I couldn't see, I couldn't be that me
I couldn't be that man, but you can teach me
Just be,
And truly, madly, deeply stay with me.
I can see it still, the window sill
Cracked an inch for just a little air
And in this desperate suffocation
I'm afraid of ever going there
And was it worth it all the while
Pretending like we didn't care
'Cause now I'm scared to death
that it's over and over and over
And it feels like I'm losing you
And if it's real for you, then go on,
Tell me something true

Truly madly deeply
Truly painfully deeply
Truly beautifully deeply
Stay with me.