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Confira a Letra Don't Sweat It

Scratching Post

Don't Sweat It

Hey baby don't sweat it
Just try to forget it
I know one day you'll come around
My hand sweat, my teeth grind
I right out of my mind
And being human gets me down

Don't sweat it, things will work out for you
Don't sweat it, I'm still hear
Don't sweat it. I'll think good thoughts about you
Don't sweat it, I'm still here

I'm locked in my bedroom
I can't speck, I can't move
And I can't give a reason why
My heart pounds, my bones ache
How much more can I take
And I care less as time goes by


I just can't find a way to get out
There's got to be another way out
I gotta find a way to get out
And I got to get out of here

(Chorus 2x)