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Confira a Letra Screamer



I'm so tired of all the bullshit
That you say
Every word is just a lie
I can't take it I can't
Hold it back anymore
I just wanna see you die
All the things that I have seen
All those things just
Makes me wanna scream
Screaming out
Scream out loud
Blacking out

If you piss me of
I will start to loose control
Kick you til' you stop to breathe
Cutting slicing rage
Is ripping up my soul tonight
I'm a nightmare and I'm real
Everything is going dark
I'm gasoline and
You're the fucking spark


All your friends are gone
No one left to hide behind
You're not so strong
When you're alone
Beg for mercy when
I break your bones
And start to grind
Your head into the stone
All your life goes flashing by
And your last scream cries
It was just a lie

Screaming out
Scream out loud
Blacking out