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Confira a Letra American Terrorist

Screams Of Erida

American Terrorist

How can this system be Democracy
When a man can come to term unelected?
We don't want your corporate decisions
Thirsting for your hidden agendas
Rise against the American Terrorist
Unite our voices
If we stand as one, we can make a change
For our well being
How many people will have to die
To fill your pockets full of greed, bloody oil?
Fundamentalists you're no different
Together you and god bury your secrets
Rise against the American Terrorist
And bring us justice
Through this sea of lies we must seek the truth
Or be ruined
We will never follow you
Down this road that leads us to devastation
Rise against the American Terrorist
And raise your voices
United we stand divided we fall apart
This is our time
With one hand on the bible
The iron fist is clenched for the new empire
We won't disappear
Keep hope alive for revolution