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Confira a Letra Htaed

I can't endure
My horrid past
Sending up
Through spiritual lonely pattern

October tide
My demise
First step
To touch the heavens

Freezing move and echoes
Swoon at way

Men in my head
Which I loved
Playing wasted forgotten deeds
Makes me sad
Your ghost on the shores
Redemption, love and death

Eerie face of time
Staring at me

I'm alone in drifting boat
Dying all alone
And her spirit came to me
Then livelong grief is gone
Entire right and wrong

Sparkling at my sight
Whimpering angels died
Smothering atmosphere
Press me harder

Freezing moon and echoes
Swoon at way

Whisper me the name
One I won't forget
As suffers as joy as life
Cast me reflection
On the crystal surface
When the real and past meets
One drop can crush everything