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Confira a Letra Solitude (Interlude)

Sean Brown

Solitude (Interlude)

I don't go nowhere without my Ray Bans
Rack for the verse like what you saying
This ain't a mixtape, it's an independent movie
I be signing on them, let me sign dance
Filling my soul from the realest one
Told Joyce and the beat I'ma kill this one
Lean back in the seat gotta feel this one
Let my words speak for me I don't gotta stun
Woman in my corner she the proudest one
Mama in the crowd she the loudest one
Try to get rich before my son is one
I'm back oversea in a couple of months
Money bag, money bag, money bag
Independent still, no contract
You talking shit upon Instagram
You failing niggas have no contact
Young lad I pay abstract, so they don't know wanna apply check
Old friends got jealous on me
They in bullshit now they got and left
Human being, I'm most chasing perfect
No such thing, tell me is it worth it
Hell yeah, you sell right that's working
Negativity got you hurting

Got on so pro tours
Job well done like run the choirs
Young OG you can ask about me
Word to fab I'll be in the lab
Like 25 hours on some zombie shit
Apocalypse, it's time this bitch
I'll type the hits, I'm psycho might flip the switch
To dim the lights, I'm dipping quick
Be the okay, be the click
She look good but she got an attitude
And she a shady bitch
I rather have a real one underneath of my arm pit
She real
Ready to ride whenever, ready to hide whenever
Real one, that's the type of bitch that I fuck with

Solitude, gotta have
Solitude, gotta have
Solitude, gotta have
Get it on my own
Solitude, gotta have
Solitude, gotta have
Solitude, gotta have

I'm in third person, dipping through my subconscious
Smashing on the freeway without no compass
Living off a pure fate, I don't need direction
Let me score on my own, I don't need correction
Let me make my own mistakes, gotta learn my lessons
Such a bad guarantee eyes in my
I don't feel like texting back damn, can I, can I?
Live my life like 5 minutes times 5
That's 25 to myself and I'm 25
Plus 4 29 one more I'm out the door
Wait, did I just say I live by faith
That means I can't see the road ahead of me
So I'm doing 95 now
You consider it speeding, hit 100 now
Do I really plan on leaving?
Just got a text you wanna fuck till the weekend
But my focus on my career, life what is the meaning
Solo, solo, solo, solitude
Life what is the meaning, life what is the meaning
Solo, solo, solo, solitude
Solitude come to myself sometimes I be selfish and confused
And what to do?
I learn the lies, learn the lies, learn the lies there