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Confira a Letra Dispirit (feat. Nick)


Dispirit (feat. Nick)

Wake up to pictures of where I was left
Take your time
I'm in no rush
Take your time I've nowhere to

On my back I lay the only bed I made
The only
Place that's mine

I don't like being this
Something has taken over me
Taken, over me
I swear
It's not me, I swear it's not

Something has
Taken over me
And I swear to you its not me
Taken, over
I swear its not me
I swear its not

[Nick (Of Virtue)]
I held this denial so close to my heart
That I
Actually started to believe
That there was something
Better inside of me
But I have found nothing
I have
Found nothing
And I might never find anything

I have
Learned the hard way
Life will never turn out the way you
Want it to be
Alone again just like I've always
Alone at dawn

[Nick (Of Virtue)]
I know I
Wasn't born like this
[Trevor (Seasons)]
I don't
Feel like I even exist
[Nick (Of Virtue)]
Was it me or the
World that beat me down to this
[Trevor (Seasons)]
Cause I
Have nothing but scars on my bloody fists

Depressed, lonely
My head aches I haven't slept in
To each their poison
And every release