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Confira a Letra As The World Dies, The Eyes Of God Grow...


As The World Dies, The Eyes Of God Grow...

Descended from Emerson, into this life
Falling, falling, falling into my seventh life
My father rode a motorcycle naked in the rain
Mother, a flower girl, blonde and 18
Three long days in the Colorado jail
Seven months pregnant, on the western trail
She met El in San Francisco, so it goes
(She met El in San Francisco, yeah so it goes)
Elwyn was out of his head, speed up his nose
Mother met a second man, by chance
She remembered from a hometown high school dance
The night they got to fighting, man's arms, they let me fall
My head hit the concrete floor, I didn't move at all
My mom hysterical, thinking I was dead
She ran into the street, scared out of her head
I watched the stars in the heavens for a while
Then I came around for good, but not with a smile
Moved home to the valley where the hippies conspire
Even my grandma loved to get high
My father dosed liquid LSD
Fried his mind for years to come, look what it's done to me
The breakup ensued, I held my baby brother's hand
I held my baby brother's hand
The nights that followed, footsteps could be heard
(The nights that followed in the house, footsteps could be heard)
No one on the second floor acept spirits I have learned
Mom and her best friend said,