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Confira a Letra I hope you find your way

Second Hand Roses

I hope you find your way

It isn't very hard
when you're looking for a reason
it takes the best excuse to get you through the night
searching for a sign
but when it shows itself you turn a blind eye
and try to lose yourself for just a while

i hope you find your way back home

driving just to be
anywhere away from what you've seen
the highway stretches out for miles
take another chance
to see if life is really all planned out
because it wouldn't matter if you turned around

i hope you find your way back home

living just to breathe
i can understand why anyone would leave
but couldn't you at least have said goodbye
i know it can't be easy
i'm sure i would've tried to make you stay
you were never one to let me see you cry

i hope you find your way back home