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Confira a Letra Unravel

There's a whole lot of guessing in the corners of my mind
& I've been too long in the middle of the things that I despise
It's time to make a choice and run with it. No matter, I'll be fine
Tomorrow I'll be on my way back home

When love is all I've given you & lies are all you've given me
Maybe I was too blinded by all I wanted us to be
I tried to overlook your tragic state. I thought someday you'd see
Tomorrow I'll be on my way back home

When I thought that you could change I was fooling my own heart
When everything started unraveling & we began to fall apart
I tried to pick up all the pieces, but I was the only one to start
So tomorrow I'll be on my way back home

You kept dividing where we stood. Keeping secrets came with cost
Until the space that grew between us was far too far to cross
Now I've got my poetic justice. Should I count it all as loss?
Tomorrow I'll be on my way back home