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Confira a Letra Telling What

Sector Seven

Telling What

What do you mean you're telling me?
I'm telling you a simple thing, without a word
It's what I know, it's what I've heard
It's just a way, it's all the same
But you're unable to relate
To what I know, I've had to learn, I've had to grow
Some of those things I didn't know
I figured it out
Some of those things I wasn't sure

I caught on, I didn't flaunt
I walked alone, I didn't run
It's more than hate
It's not revenge because it's way beyond
I'm not afraid, to offend
Cause I know now that I am right again
I never hide, it's just a ride, but quietly

Look at what do you want me to see
You seem to tell on everything
I observe what I've heard and still I can't see anything
Can't see a thing
Will it rain?
What do you mean?
I'm going to leave

Do we have what we need?
All the parts to complete
Or will we dare give it up and want to share
Does the risk meet the worth?
Have you seen enough to make it work?
I'm prepared, vulnerable, I'm glad I'm scared

I'm glad I'm scared, now I'm prepared
I can't be told, I may be old
All I know is just enough to not look any further