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Confira a Letra Final

Sector Seven


I look back at many times, and still I cannot explain why
Those memories thought vain, they become useful here and then
My conscious won't let go, that pain inside me has a home
Those haunting thoughts are stepping stones

And now, that time I spent with you, which all had to be reviewed
The lessons that were stored, I use them all to help ignore
I pile up the bad in order to replace the good we had
Those haunting thoughts are stepping stones

I put my jealousies aside, some part of me said I was right
So I took a new approach and rid myself of foolish pride
My timing it was bad, at least some day I know we'll look and laugh
Those stepping stones built my new path

But hey, hey please don't take offence, it's just I feel alive again
Just a mistake along your way; for me a strange reality
I got tired of taking blame, bored of my animosity
I'm glad this makes me sick, I like my brand new start
Aversion it's my fresh new trick
It's armor added to my heart