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Confira a Letra Brighter

Yesterday, tomorrow seems so far away
(Every thing just passed away)
This storm just won't go away, sunshine left me here alone
(Every thing statically stand still frozen in a frame)

It's hard, when yesterday is all you've got
And all you've got perished with the time
Time, goes by, so slowly
(What's head of you is so blur)
It's like every second tick in your head

Now I realized that this memory
Kept me awake from a brighter day tomorrow
Sometimes you have to let something go
Something go away, something go away

Maybe hopes and dreams is all I had today
But it's all I need for a brighter tomorrow

So let me say
Goodbye to yesterday
We will see a brighter day tomorrow
When all my dreams won't fade away
Coz' we'll still have hope for tomorrow