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Confira a Letra F.B.O.W

Self Provoked


I got a lot of problems
But I ain't the only one
Try to keep my posture straight
Come and throw me some
Some of what? I mean the weed
You think I fuck with extacy?

Fuck no, but smoke only and singles for my homies
Well some of em
I'm rolling up a couple of them swisher sweets
Come and blow with us for trust
We got that good kush inside of these bags
And I'm sure you know whatsup with this wax
So lets dab
Its time to let the record blast

I smoke all this herb
And my problems deactivate
Activate the right side of my mind
I remember being fifteen buying dimes
Oh how time flies
Dj hoppa smoking
Self provoked we smoking

On a high note smoking
We'll accept infameezy
But its all good
We kiefing that fire that kush some purple shit
We smoking whatevers good
And thats only you

Used to smoke out of apples
Apples, pens & lighters
Then I bought my first piece
Broke it in a matter of hours
Let it grow let it grow
You know how I roll (how)
Thats on a high note

Light it up then smoke it up
Inhale exhale (say what?)
The government said its bad for you
And it kills brain cells (say what?)
But the government lies
So in every brainwashed mind
They think weed is bad and it ruins life
But I still smoke this weed fuck society

What will they find on me
I'm high of tree
So are some of your presidents
And you want me to act hesitant
Man you ain't worth shit like a resin hit
I'm a resident and I demand to be left alone
When I'm getting stoned I'm in my zone

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