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Confira a Letra Where Are You?


Where Are You?

Verse 1)
Save me, that's all you ever did was love me
Took me under your wing and taught me
That everything in life was all maybes
unless you truly believe.
And no I never took you for granted. I never deserved this to happen
But when I call your name there's no answer
Why you do this to me?

Where are you?
Where are you when I need you
Is it true? (is it true)
Is it true that I lost you
Where are you? (where are you) Where are you when I need you
I'm so alone (I'm so alone)
I'm so alone here without you.

Verse 2) Foolish, your acting so wrong and selfish
Thought everything we had was cherished
But when I call your name, you vanish
This love is history
So today as I look in the mirror
I won't even cry 'cuz I'm freer Should be happy your gone, I should hate you
But this truth is killin me


You made a choice
You chose to leave
But my mind and soul just can't believe
Your truly gone, I can't go on without you
Cuz I'm in love with you

(Chorus 2x)