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Confira a Letra Hubris



My pride has doomed us all
This is my greatest betrayal
Throughout the rivers of change and the sands of time
I, the eternal pillar, forever parting the surge

This enigma of limitations stains my soul
Where is the breach?
Am I a God?
A final test to gain truth
The thirst for understanding has shifted to perversion

Lust for certainty leads to the wells of knowledge dark
Drinking deep of its waters my gluttony is still not sated
The disease of curiosity consumes
The greed will never cease
The skies of isolation now a bridge between worlds

My spirit once pure, now a mire of arrogance
Diving from my sanctuary, my passage through the portal of reality
Oh tortured heart, let us find certainty

The howling wind, screeching songs of sorrow and woe
With the ground fast approaching, begging me Return!
A paused world, pleading time to rewind
One thought shrieks with searing wrath


Writhing in agony
This mimicry of Icarus
My envy of the empty, attained
This is death, my final truth

Now can we rest, my troubled heart?
Slowly spiralling through the siphon
Sensing my soul now wasting away
My heart it fails as I realize
My pride has doomed us all