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Confira a Letra The Horrible Truth


The Horrible Truth

Boring through the soul
The devastation of a heart once strong
The failing pulse faintly thrumming
Shaking with urgency my body now aches for revival
Deliverance, I beseech you, claim me
Alter the story, blur the lines and leave this as a sordid memory

A world balancing on the knife of ruin
My legacy remains no longer
No lore shall bear my deeds

Offering myself, my life, my essence
Forfeit, sacrificed
Pleading for retribution
Rewind the hands and reverse my wrongs

I must atone my sins
Softly, silently, the rain of cleansing
I will purify
Restore the joy to the place that life once called home

The claws of divorce, ravenously rend my soul
This is not rebirth, I can still feel the world break

A form of black, fathomless and ethereal
Its arrival heralding judgement
With hands of void seizing my foundations

“For you, Custodian, I hold no enmity
Now you can sleep, just dissipate
But know, your pride, your son, has doomed them all
From the shackles of life, you are now free”

The vessel departs with one last sigh
There shall be nothing hereafter