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Confira a Letra The Fall of Lucifer

Serenade In Darkness

The Fall of Lucifer

You are full of anger and pride
You used to say: Ï will go to heavens, above the stars
And I will put my throne there and be similar to God."
You used to be wise, but your wisdom ruined by your pride
You used to be a "Perfect Angel"
Covered with precious stones
But you prefered to be in hell

Than to work in heaven
Now worms cover you
You have been ruined
Thrown to hell
With your pride
You will live in this deep abyss
In your eternal anxiety
I took flames from you
That burnt you.
Everyone that knows you're very disappointed
You became deception, and they will say:
Is this the one that used to shock earth
The price of this world?
And won't be powerful any longer because
It's a defeated one and will burn in hell
Like those ones before you
You never were and you will never be
Greater than God