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Confira a Letra Blackmark



Pushed down by the world into canes,
We are waking to scream for our lives again.
We're becoming a memory that you
Don't want remember.
But our blood on your hands is removing so hard.

Reaped inside, you try to forget, what you have
Done to us.
Some of you wanted to be like the God,
That gives, that takes away.
Whole your life is a miserable wading
Among the others.

Too simple to understand conseqences.
We will always be here, and you'll
Never be in able to get rid of us.
Fragmented childhood shall be your curse.
Each another agony shall be like prayer for vengeance.

Someone will be there to remind you about it as your
Eyes get close to an eternal sleep.
When there's no love, no warmth then only the darkness
Remains, and we're coming out of it.
There will be the ones - the drummers of death and fear.

You'll be swollowed by that, what has pushed you to that crimes.
And the same convulsions shall be friends at your end.

Shattered heart,strangled scream,
Unspoken words, destination's hands cold,
Reflection of the suffering face.