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Confira a Letra Set Your Fire Free


Set Your Fire Free

Promise of condemned ones fulfills
Silent lips curve in hypnotic rage
On guard to take the lighting of redemption

The first banisher of the chamber
Of deceit has reborned
The first hand pierces soil from below

Serpent's biting its own tail
The Story begins to start again
For this mighty Being is here to stay

Cowardly shadow of the Mortal
Has been chased forever
Man falls down unable to accept
The power of ultimate union
Guardian - Shadow found the primal matrix

Rinsed off bloody stains
Hc sprcads his wings
Awaits the first rays
Sings the almighty song of resurrection

The sun has wept
Seeing its servant and the old wounds
It wishes him never to be dead

So if it was time to rise
Walk with your man
Hand in hand

You've been born by the will of death
You are the power seeds breeder
You have seen ways
Unseen to the blind