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Confira a Letra Hourglass

Set It Straight


The bottom of this hourglass is full, and it's way to heavy to turn around. There's never enough time and I'm always fucking late. I can't keep up with this rat race. So now I'm trapped... another dead end. I need more time.
So caught up (… just catch up) in living I forget that I'm alive, forget I have a name (they're all the same… they're all the same). And then it hits me, and it makes me fucking sit. It's all true and all I want are lies. So today I'm gonna rise up with sun, complete the goals I've set and move on to the next. I'm so young there's no reason to run. But everyday, this nine to five destroys all my thoughts. This lake I've been swimming in is stagnant. I'm fishing for disaster, and I'm the fucking bait. My hard work means nothing to them, my efforts gone to waste. And I'm so sick, you should be too; Our blood and our sweat means more than this paycheck.