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Confira a Letra Castle Of Illusion

Seven Side Diamond

Castle Of Illusion

Hear... the midnight bells are calling you
The history book takes you back to the past
In a time when kings built
their golden stairs to heaven
Their favorite dreams came into view

But among gray clouds,
the sin in white, wasted into silence
Look at their sky: in the eye of the sun they fly!
But soon they will fall!

Fear.. sublime muse of quiet night
It's when tame gargoyles just become alive
In the pools of fire our wisdom drowned deeply
Before the God's eyes our people burnt

On the blackened skies,
the clouds of time, ruins in misty silence
So I realize: in the shade of their god they hide!

The house of Lord is warm upon the hill
Maybe closer the sky, maybe away from hell!

In a time of honor, faceless
horsemen's blood fed the land
The battlefield, a real chessboard
On the reddened snow, the memories,
Remains in strict silence
Even no eyes, fusty skin, rusty bones, we fight!

Tears... silence of the innocents
Giant churches are sinking in my lake of tears
In a time of pride, bells hypnotized blind swords
Knowledge and science, locked in the dark
On the golden sands, fever and delirium of illusion
If I realized: Lord of all, tell me now what's mine?