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Confira a Letra Desire Slowly Bursting

Seven Trees

Desire Slowly Bursting

The silence now
when you're here to stay
Washing every colour away

Lips not moving
A cold embrace
Giving the end a face

Eyes wide open
Gasping for air
The winter of your heart
tear our worlds apart

You're hurt and I bleed
and I still can't seal
the feelings you told me
not to feel
You're too far away
to ever be close
I'll give you
whatever you need to dream

You're scared and I bleed
and I still can feel
those moments you force me
not to feel
Your prescence still there
hanging soft in the air
those hungry words pounding
scenting yearning arousing

That breathless voice
Floating in tears
Washing away our time

Your face is trembling
your arms are pale
Revealing secrets
hiding far away

Eyes wide open
Fading away
The winter of your heart
tear us worlds apart