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Confira a Letra Going Down

Seven Trees

Going Down

Breathe my head in
Let me slip inside
Your star is fading
Let me keep you alive

Absorb my senses
Let me see through your eyes
Share your darkest ocean
What's eating you alive?
I'll turn your every reason
Just level with my mind

You're drifting away
Before my eyes
I cannot cope or understand
and paradise is lost

Your pulse gets slower
for every breath
I want to make you understand
There still are things to trust

We're floating away
You try to explain:
"Theres nothing left for us to gain
- our paradise is lost..."

I'm reaching your tide
To inhale your lie
I'm joining you, we understand
that paradise is lost

We're drifting away
For every breath
Theres nothing left for us to gain
Our paradise is lost...