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Confira a Letra Overload

Seven Trees


We're still and quiet now
(It's oh so silent now)
You're anxious to cry thats why
(so anxious to cry)

Be still and silent now
(You're far too quiet now)
You try to retain that smile
(But lose it somehow)

We're moving the circle
Keep moving in circles

Wrap me in silver
Each time we fail
Your slumbering stiffness
Catching my breath
Mouth velvet empty
Slow slowly moving
The glow coming nearer
each time we faint
Straining your spirit
we dye our lives red
Paleness overwhelming
Slow slowly fading
Eyes worried empty
With nothing to say

We're still and silent now
(It's oh so quiet now)
You want me to cry thats why
(You want me to try)

Be still and quiet now
(You're far too silent now)
You're trying to fake that smile
(But lose it somehow)

We're still and quiet now
(There's silence all around)
I want you to try thats why
(I want you to cry)

We're still so violent now
(You're still so violent now)
We reach for the icy sky
(But lose it each try)

Wrap me in silver
Each time we fail
Your rioting sickness
Pouring over my face
Tongue Ruby Frozen
Gate slowly opening
Do we exist?
Please try
How did we get here?
Does it matter?
Eyes naked tempting
Start startling nowhere
Hands trembling empty
Thinking nothing but lust