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Confira a Letra Daniella



I remember crossing the bridge
Yeah daniella and me
I remember jack went away
And we followed him for seven days
All the pubs and bars he’d been in
All the shops and places that he’d seen
When the rain and snow pelted us
We’d hide up in the trees
Tree houses my speciality
Cause it comes from a dad who knew trees
I’ll go fishing for something to eat
I hope you think it’s tasty
I know you love meat
Oh daniella, go to sleep, pretty baby
When we arrived in the town
Yeah daniella and me
We thought we saw jack for a while
And we did, and he’s in a terrible state
His brand new trainees gone and his teeth
He looked high as heaven to me
Come on jack, let’s get you home
Come on follow me
Your mama, she’s not afraid anymore
She’s in the cemetery