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Confira a Letra For I Am Blasphemy

Shadow Of A Burned Cross

For I Am Blasphemy

I despise humans
I feel pleasure as they burn
I am the demon that haunts your dreams
I am the reason that nightmares exists

I spit on the bibles
I curse at the church
I am pure hatred
I am living evil, im everywhere
I am invisible to the human eye
I am the reason that jesus christ doesnt appear

God fears me
I will help burn heaven
I am the uncurable disease
I will help destroy the innocent
I will bring down earth and heaven
I will bring the apocalypse uppon this world
I am the disease that will spread through to cause eternal pain
For i am the son of the great lucifer

I am the anti-christ!!!
3:00 am will last forever!!!

Heres the crown of thorns, made for the one who calls himself the king of jews.

I am blasphemy itself...
I have 666 marked on my for-head...

I am the anti-christ!!!