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Confira a Letra For My Beloved

Shallow Rivers

For My Beloved

Breathe no more
Just a sigh of woe
Confined to misery
I roam forever

Depressed by the time
Streaming still
My heart drowned deep
In its sombre waters

Bare gardens
Seem blooming for me
Grass grows tall
Where she walks, so graceful

Bare gardens
Seemed blooming for me
Grass grew tall
Where she walked, so graceful

Betrayal is raising
Dark seeds of my hatred
Sincere emotions depraved

Enchanting temptation
Devoured her, deceived her
Tormented primordial love

Days of joy and light
My endless nights
Warm summer rains
Cold waters in vain

She left me forsaken
Abandoned heartbroken
Bedeviled, compelled me to cry

I curse her, despise her
I scorn her, condemn her
Forgive though if ever I