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Confira a Letra Scorched, Wrecked, Torn, Then Crumbled To The Sea

Shallow Rivers

Scorched, Wrecked, Torn, Then Crumbled To The Sea

Scorched, wrecked, torn
Yet struggling through the sea
Towards agonizing waves the vessel drifts
Through the howling winds from the Northeast
Like a wounded beast

Oh, Father, what may it be?

Shuddered. I cry out loud
Can you hear me?
While I stay bound to the mast
Oh, Father
Watching collision of Moon and Sun
I hear the bell-like thunder roar
A scornful laughter of our Lord
Here shall we all die at once?
In this chaos where even Gods keep silence
No more they hear us

Scorched, wrecked, torn
And salty water filling my throat
Mud in my eyes, so close darkness I see
Scorched, wrecked, torn then crumbled to the sea
Oh, Father, what may it be?

We are cold

As I draw in a leaden aura
They gather around me
Hollow shades of absurd
A forlorn cry
Of their suffering nature
Echoes the final scene of my stand

Lead upon me
The ghost will take me
Soon I'll be rewarded
We'll soon be a shade of the one
We are cold leaden aura