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Confira a Letra To The Fairest

Shallow Rivers

To The Fairest

Goddess of beauty and love
Reveal your rival to me
Loose your greed for blasphemous enviousness
Dear Lady of Cythera
Give me the prize that I lust
The gift that all should me mine
By your hand guide me
To war

Did I break your fragile heart?
Did I shade your precious glory with sheer misery?
Are those fiery wicked eyes blinding you
Your deadened mind stupefying?

A desire for rest
You’re torn apart from her
At the wedding feast
İN unbearable sadness

She’ll dry your tears
With wine lips
Milk white skin
Will strip your mourning away

Be mine

In white capes of snow silk
One by one they entered the palace
Come to decide upon the apple of strife
Would you give it to the fairest?

Agony of defeat
Demоlished lands
Shattered chaos of the battlefield and your soul
Vanity ravaged by war

Helena, I’ll bring all their treasure to your knees
I murder them all
I conquer them all
I slay and make them suffering
Be mine

Clouds obscure ethereal victory
The defeat will be my revenge forever
Here I die alone with no sympathy
Still I stand alone for my prize