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Confira a Letra Inferno Veil


Inferno Veil

Nightmares… heavy breathe…
Feel like twilight zone
No one can help me,
Unless i wake up…

I can't feel my arms
Everything else so is cold
Blinded by this veil,
For sure i was marked and cursed…
Oh yeah!!!

Baptized by black rain…
Heart consumed by terror
No way!!!! this ain't me,
I am what i live for…

All my will is crushed
What's left of me is pain
Please make it go way…
I swear i'll be good!!!
No matter where i am…
These dark clouds have no intent to go away!
It all makes sense now…

The mind itself
It plays tricks on you!
The mind is hell
The stage is set for you!
Not weal, just woe
Please, meet your frantic foe
The mind is hell
It`s the inferno veil!!!