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Confira a Letra Ego



No one is asking for your help
What comes from you is filthy and lame
Your twisted way to see the world
Has already sucked out all that was good and pure inside of me
All that you touch dies or turns grey...
This echo craved my way for ages

I was sentenced to hell
When I first called you my friend
And why do I care ? No one knows !
Everytime I try to leave or deceive you,
You make me beg !
Such a deep trance, I don't know who I am...
So do the humdrum and let's rumble

Please ignite the sky so I find myself !
Give me some insight, so light can prevail
I've found my foe...
This man behind my Ego will and must go !

(No way !)
No more ruling or being in charge of me
(Enough !)
Of being served as fuel for hate
Your hunger to succeed using corpses as stair steps
Left me with no choice, but to blow you away !

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