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Confira a Letra The Last Cowboy

Shane Wyatt

The Last Cowboy

He rode a golden horse
with a golden heart
A forty-five
strapped on his hip
I was twelve years old
when he passed on
Sometimes I think
that he still lives

Chorus (2x):
He was the last cowboy
in Oklahoma
The last true pioneer's son
He was the last cowboy
in Oklahoma
Never be another one
When I was old enough
to hold a gun
He taught me how to ride
and shoot
And I was proud
that I was his grandson
But could I ever
fill the boots?

He said to work that gun
'til it's a part
of your own hand
Don't hesitate to defend
your family or your land
Oh' and I tried to hang on
to every word he said to me
So he wouldn't have to be
oh, oh, oh


Never be another one
Never be another one
Or am I the only one?