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Confira a Letra Fly Away

Shane Wyatt

Fly Away

First time I saw you girl
you brought me to my knees
Though it's been a while now
you still look the same to me
Don't tell me
I don't feel the way I used to
Maybe I don't act
the way I should
But how was I supposed to know
your eyes were angel blue
When you're the only one
I ever knew?

Hope I haven't lost you,
let your lovin' slip away
All that's left for me to do
is lay awake and pray
That maybe you'll forget
about the things I've done
And come to know
that you're the only one?
How was I supposed to know
you had an angel's smile
When you're the only angel
in my life?

I guess it's hard sometimes
for me to understand
And maybe I don't always do
the best I can
But after all you know
that Babe I'm just a man
And I don't know how
to let it show

Let me ask you one more time
to please just take me in
I promise that you'll never have
to doubt again
I'll let you know
that I love you more each day
Never fail to find
the words to say
How was I supposed to know
an angel has no wings
When you're the only one
I've ever seen?

Repeat Chorus

I guess sometimes it's hard
to tell an angel's
passed your way
I didn't know
you were an angel
Didn't know I had an angel
'Til I watched my angel
fly away