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Confira a Letra Love You Too Much

Shane Wyatt

Love You Too Much

Did I ever tell you I can't sleep
unless your lying next to me?
And I can't live without your touch.
Guess I just love you too much.

And every time we have a fight
I just lie awake all night
Wondrin' how I'll make it up.
'Guess I just love you too much

Chorus: Sometimes I wonder
Just what I ever did
To deserve livin'
In this dream that we live.
And nothin' I could do
will ever be enough
To show you my love.
'Guess I just love you too much

And every day while we're apart
I walk around with a broken heart.
If I'm not holdin' you,
I can't accomplish much
'Guess I just love you too much

Repeat Chorus
'Guess I just love you… too much