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Confira a Letra Deceitful Heart

Shattered Destiny

Deceitful Heart

Open your eyes and you’ll see
The heart remains
Deceitful still
Above all things
I don’t know what to believe

Uncertain future ahead
All I love is dead
Alone and still covered in red
Truth unsaid
I don’t know what to believe
I don’t know

Look inside of me
A maelstrom in the sea
Truth I cant perceive
Respite I disbelieve
What is lost is gone
Will guilt define me

The pillar of my soul
Reality no longer a whole
Smeared reflection in my hand
Looking back in demand
Life’s just a grain of sand
I don’t know what to believe

Gave faith in time of need
Now we only bleed
Was this my crime
For the first time
Regret so sublime
I don’t know what to believe
I don’t know

Wicked grin of a cheshire cat
Flick of silver will you look at that
Fog of memories play like rotting tape
Muffle screams eyes tear for escape
Do these eyes accuse or forgive
Why do these hands deny love to live
I don’t feel the warmth as I see the red splash
I know its my fault into the winds I cast the ash

Everything I ever had
Everything I ever will
Lies now in my arms
Never moving always still
No longer able to confess
Innocence reduced to a
Blood soaked dress

Damn the guilt grows too strong
Monster called a monster comes
Beast within murders love
I’m accused of blood spilt

What is real or fantasy
I feel what the heart can see
Fragments left past decree
Summation of my guilt