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Confira a Letra The Thief and the Moon

Shawn James

The Thief and the Moon

Said the Thief to the Moon: I'll extinguish your light soon
I'll put an end to all the light that you shed on this world in it's darkened state

Said the Moon to the Thief: You know not of what you seek
You'll doom the world to wander the night with no light to guide the paths that men seek

Oh, but all the wealth in the world will be mine
without a means of defense for all those blind
My very existence is a race to attain wealth
for the thief's only loyalties in life are to the devil and himself

The earth will rise up and devour all that you are
The skies call forth thunderous storms from afar
When you're dead, there will be no grave to remember your name
for your greed bring your end and there's no one but yourself to blame

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